Fresh Fodder Soups

2018 – current

The Fresh Fodder soup range was designed to sit within the existing FF brand but to also take it in a new direction. The design needed to be bold to stand out on the visually competitive supermarket shelf; but also retain the Fresh Fodder small batch handmade feel.

The packaging required a top, front and back label. Part of the challenge with packaging is to make the labelling work on the container, in this case a fluted plastic tub. Some distortion of the front and back labels were required in this case with numerous mockups to get the shape to present vertically correct.

The range has grown since it’s introduction to include two new flavours.

Fresh Fodder Soup Packaging Design
The full range, top labels.
Fresh Fodder Soup Packaging Design
Front and back labels
Fresh Fodder Soup Packaging Wobbler Design
Shelf wobblers

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