Lowe Wine Labels

2012, 2013

2011 through to 2015 was a busy period working with Lowe Wines in Mudgee. A new website, multiple events to design ‘brands’ around and then work on the wine labels.

The drive behind all was to infuse the brand with the Lowe family history and the personality of the people behind it, along with the appropriate quality cues for an established winery.

At the time there were four tiers in the wine range. The Reserve range (not shown here) but very classic and conservative in style. The Core Range which were organic single vineyard wines.

The Heritage Range added depth and personality to the brand and provided an outlet to tell stories from the brand.

Tinja was the fourth tier which were higher volume wines with classic labelling.

Core Range

Lowe Nullo Mountain Wine Label Design
Lowe Mudgee Blue Wine Label Design
Lowe Logo in Bronze Foil, printed on Estate 8. Paintings by Georgia Mansur.

Heritage Range

A difficult brief, design a label for a Rosé named Headstone…
Lowe Bobby Lowe Part One Label Design
Bobby Lowe Sparkling Part Two Wine Label Design
Design inspired by a newspaper report from 1863 relating to David’s great grandfather.

Tinja Range

Lowe Tinja Wine Label Design
Named for the Lowe family property. The reed illustration was inspired by the waterhole this range is named for.

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